Thay thế hệ thống chiếu sáng công cộng bằng đèn LED tại Hội An

17/12/2019 | by Administrator

Với sự phát triển của khoa học công nghệ nói chung, và lĩnh vực chiếu sáng nói riêng. Các kĩ sư về chiếu sáng tại Việt Nam đang bắt đầu nâng cấp các hệ thông chiếu sáng cũ kĩ bằng công nghệ mới hơn là đèn LED cho nước nhà

With the development of science and technology in general, and the field of lighting in particular. Lighting engineers in Vietnam are beginning to upgrade their old lighting systems with new technology rather than LED lamps for their country. Lighting is very important, especially in traffic routes, an effective lighting system can help reduce traffic accidents, increase urban beauty, reduce social evils, etc.


Lighting system is not only interested in big cities, likewise, Hoi An city is very interested in lighting. At present, Hoi An is proceeding to replace the old lighting system, as well as build new lighting systems with LED technology. In addition to manual switching, Hoi An also used automatic switching technology. All other works such as parks, factories, factories, schools, hospitals, ... are also gradually being changed.